About Us

Light Studio Ltd. is a design, engineering and wholesales lighting company. Also, we do acquisition, distribution, and installation of light control devices, as well as telecommunication and signalization equipment, and we provide electro materials and smart home systems too. 

Light Studio is founded in 2005 in Belgrade, originally as design-oriented studio focused on exclusive decorative interior lightning. As the time passed by, it has evolved into serious design-trading company which cover each and every stage of designing and distribution of lighting and electro systems. 

light studio

We focus our action into two directions: design and trading. 

On our team are architects – lighting designers, also electrical engineers who provide the investors, architects, and electrical engineers with a support. We develop design solutions and lighting projects, photometric calculations, and lighting simulations as well as solutions for telecommunication systems, signal systems and smart homes. We are offering an advice on choosing the right lightening for your interior or exterior. We are offering lighting and electrical materials and Telecommunication systems too. Also, we can install for you your lighting and electrical installation. 

We believe in good ideas, quality, knowledge and experience, and the confirmation of our belief is numerous clients.