Light Studio has been a distributor of many lighting manufacturers for many years. We provide products for any kind of lighting and every interior: technical and administrative lighting, decorative lights, LED and conventional, for residential and office spaces, hotels, embassies, shops (indoor/outdoor) – facade, street and decorative lights. Besides that, we are a distributor of Aling Conel, electrical material and smart home brand, and we are the local partners of Bosch security systems (telecommunication and security). 




Technical lights



Philips lighting, a branch of Philips company, is recognized for its lighting source, and eventually, it become a leader of professional lighting (technical and administrative lighting, decorative lights, LED and conventional, for residential and office spaces, shops (indoor/outdoor) – facade, street and decorative and urban lights). Their portfolio is comprised of lighting control systems Dynalite, and a part from professional there are residential lights too.


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Is a renown lighting manufacturer from Sweden with a century-old tradition. It is a world leader in administrative and retail spaces lighting, known for high profile technological solutions. Since 2017, they switched completely to LED technology.


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Artemide is a famous Italian lighting brand. It gained worldwide popularity thanks to its Tolomeo lamp. Eventually, its portfolio has developed into all segments of lighting and it is divided into three sections: designer’s collection – decorative, architectural interior and exterior lights.


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Delta Light

Belgian company Delta light products are distinguishable by its minimalistic design and it makes it frequent choice of architectures and interior designers. Delta light offers a vast selection of professional lighting for residential and expo spaces (museums, showrooms) shops, offices, hotels and public spaces.


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 iGuzzini is a lighting manufacturer popular worldwide, and its mother company is famous Fratelli Guzzini. It is focused on technical-architectural lighting, and its core is simplicity and high-end technical solutions for both interior and exterior, and it makes it a world leader.


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…i jošand much more technical-architectural lighting manufacturers.


Decorative lighting

…i još and much more decorative lighting manufacturers.


Electrical material and Smart Home

Aling Conel

Aling Conel is a domestic electro material brand and a leader in this part of the Europe. They offer modular program (MODE, EXPERIENCE and EON) and the PRESIGE LINE. They also include: tools (Powerline, Armor line and Aling OG), installation tool kit and thermoplastic lamp holders. They are the partners with OBLO living in the field of smart home systems.


Telecommunication, signal and security systems

Bosch Security

Bosh Security Systems is a branch of Bosch company which is dealing with the production of personal and home security devices. They offer a vast number of innovative and high-quality items, services and solutions for security and communications. Its concept is based on modularity so it is possible to easily create a customized system that is expandable.

Product portfolio includes: video systems, access control system, intrusion alarm system, fire alarm system, conference system, public address system.